What you'll need:

1)Names, emails, and room numbers for each teacher
2)The name of the lesson you are requesting (scroll up to see our lesson menu.)
3)A schedule assigning each teacher a 60 minute block of time for their lesson (only one class can be taught at a time–max 30 students per lesson period)

In order to maximize our time, we like to present lessons in multiple classrooms or periods at each school. Please work with your grade level or subject team to coordinate lesson requests. We may not be able to fulfill requests for a single class.

If you would like to request another lesson for another date, you will need to fill out this form again to make a separate request.

Get started now! Choose the date and start time of your lesson request.

You'll be able to book multiple lessons on the same date on the next page. For now, please select just the time of the first class of the day that you would like us to teach.

Please contact us if you have questions or difficulty using our online scheduler: education@snohomishcd.org

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